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Our mission is to share the knowledge of medicinal plants to improve our health and well-being and  deepen our personal connections with nature in order to live a more conscious life.

About Raices Floridas

Located in Puerto Guadal on the shores of Lake General Carrera in the Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia. Raices Floridas is a medicinal garden with 20 species of medicinal plants for educational purposes and for the  elaboration  of natural medicine.  As well  there are flower and vegetable crops. The  mission  of Raices Floridas is to share the knowledge of medicinal plants for me


Creator of  flowering roots


Frannie Parkinson

"Originally from Richmond, Virginia in the USA, I have spent the last four years living and working in Chile growing medicinal plants and vegetables and making natural medicine &  cosmetics. I am passionate about medicinal plants for their ability to deepen our connection with nature and with ourselves. I believe in the power of medicinal plants to heal us inside and out and it is my  mission  to share my knowledge with other women so that then too can have autonomy over their own health. I especially love learning about herbalism through the lens of Chilean culture and specifically that of Patagonia. I am certified as an Intermediate Herbalist by Herbal Academy and a graduarte of the Women's Herbal Medicine Course by Dr. Aviva Romm . In my spare time I enjoy hiking, camping, reading, and running with my Yaqui dog."

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